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See there when you can't be there

Digital and analogue CCTV systems that provide peace of mind you can't put a price on. Modern CCTV from 1st Call is the best way to protect your business and personnel.

CCTV is an increasingly important part of business life, with ever more sensitive information and data held on your premises, you really can't be too careful about safeguarding your property.

At 1st Call we understand the importance of a reliable CCTV system. When it matters most and the security of your premises is in question, our state-of-the-art CCTV installations deter intruders and provide an incontestable record of what's going on around your business.

With products from the leading names in CCTV, 1st Call have helped businesses across the UK protect their premises. From a single camera monitoring a vulnerable yard area, through to complete coverage of multiple buildings and car parks, 1st Call will configure and install a CCTV solution that does everything you need it to.