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FAQ's - Hosted Telephone Systems

Frequently asked questions regarding HVS hosted telephone systems.

  • How do I put a call on hold and then retrieve it?

    During a conversation you can put a call on hold at any time by pressing the Hold button at this point the handset can be replaced, to return to the caller press the Resume button

  • How do I find a missed call?

    To access the missed calls list, press the  button on the Navigation Keypad, select the the desired record then press the  to call.


  • How do I make a conference call?

    To make a conference call establish the first Party, press the More button followed by the Confrnc button dial the number of the second Party, to join all three Parties together press the More button followed by the Confrnc button.

  • How do I pick up another phone that is ringing?

    You can pick up a phone that is ringing in the same office by either pressing their flashing BLF button or by pressing More then Pickup, this will and the ringing phone.

  • How do I record my personal greeting?

    To record you personal voicemail greeting Dial 1571 then lift the handset or press the  button followed by Connect, you will be connected to call minder press option 2 to change your personal options. To change your greeting press 1, to change your greeting follow the voice prompt.

  • How do I activate my voicemail?

    To Activate your voicemail to answer calls on busy Dial *40 to cancel Dial #40. To Activate your voicemail to answer calls on no answer Dial *41 to cancel Dial #41.

  • How do I listen to my messages?

    When a caller has left you a voicemail message the red LED will flash on the top of the phone, also you will see a message on the screen displaying the number of new messages. To retrieve the messages press the  Button followed by Connect you will be then prompted how to listen to your messages.

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