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Calls and lines

Whether you require analogue lines, ISDN or SIP Trunks we will provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Our call charges are up to 45% cheaper than those of most major providers, reducing your overheads and giving you a flexible, reliable service.

Analogue Lines

Many businesses find analogue lines more cost effective as they are multi purpose, for example your  broadband will sit quite happily with your fax line and or incoming calls.  Also some businesses require analogue lines for alarms, lifts and PDQ machines. 

Analogue Multi line

Analogue multi lines are available from 2 to 99 lines all with the same telephone number which, when connected to a telephone system, will allow you to transfer calls within your organisation. These traditional lines do not offer as many features as the ISDN's but are cheaper and are ideal if you are only transferring calls within your own office.

ISDN2 Digital Lines

This is the most common line type solution used in small to medium sized businesses with between 2 and 8 channels. It offers high quality call sound with business reliability.  They must be connected to a telephone system and will enable calls to be transferred from your office to a mobile or other land line.  These lines offer an array of features which can be tailored to suit your needs, for example presentation numbers, direct dial numbers, inbound call management, call forwarding and anonymous call rejection.

ISDN30 Digital Lines

ISDN30 lines are high performance, crystal clear connections for the larger business.  Offering between 8 and 1000 channels they include all of the features of ISDN2 but with more scope for expansion.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and they are the future of telecoms.  These lines work across a broadband circuit and allow us to offer an inclusive bundle of calls to UK local, national and mobile numbers.  Often used by businesses to make outbound calls only as these can be offered at a cheaper bundled rate than calls made on traditional lines.  1st Call offer HD audio on our SIP trunks with optional call recording.

Call Charges


Call charges form a large part of most companies overheads. As a direct reseller we can offer rates, which in most cases are around 45% cheaper than BT or other major network providers. 1st Call offer a range of bespoke call billing services that can represent real savings for your organisation.  Your monthly invoice is presented in a clear, easy to understand format which can be tailored to meet your requirements. 


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